Good design is
good for everyone.

Websites that shine through the noise online.

Findable and functional websites.

Quality is already in short supply on the web. Let’s fix that.

We build user-focused, accessible websites and rejuvenate older sites to meet new expectations. We make the internet a better place for us all by empowering female founders to have findable, functional websites.

An accessible website provides the best user experience for all of us. Bonus: Search engines like it better too.


All our projects include an onsite SEO kick-start to help your site get found by the right people – YOUR people.


Standards and expectations change over time, and your website needs to meet those standards.


Good design is good for everyone. Designing for accessibility means your website will be easier for everyone to use.


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We create user-centered websites that are well crafted, accessible and SEO-friendly. 

Our clients are female founders and entrepreneurs who have persevered through several iterations of their websites, and never been entirely happy with the results. We help you shine through the noise online.

Universal Design

Accessible, inclusive websites are not just a social responsibility, but also smarter. We make the internet a better place for all its users, one female-founded business at a time.


It's easy to lose track of all the things. We'll bring back the focus, and help you to set intentions and define a strategy that works for YOU.

Search Engine Optimization

Our holistic SEO approach means traffic increases immediately and organically, and continues to grow over time.

Care & Maintenance

Your website is a digital houseplant: it needs care and attention to survive. Your website must evolve or it will be left behind as technology changes.

"I loved the detailed step-by-step process, education on how to maintain my website, and Stephanie's quick response to my questions. My favourite result is the ease with which you can navigate the website. It is clear, accessible and mobile-friendly. The speed is MUCH faster and the website is performing well in search engines ensuring that my business is visible to potential new clients."
Andrea Donais
Founder & Creative Director, Donais Studios

It's Time to Shift.

The web is full of the same-old websites. Most of those websites don’t work – often literally. It’s time to shift to user-focused website designs that provide genuine connection to your visitors.

Who You Are

Your website isn't working for you. Maybe you’re just getting started and already overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice out there. Maybe your website started out great, but now it needs some work. Or maybe it's become a massive headache to manage. Your audience needs you, but they can’t find you.

Working With Me

You and I are both unique, niche service-based business serving a unique, niche client. You need someone you can trust, because your website is your most valuable online asset. My no-BS, caring and supportive approach takes the weight off your shoulders.

What You Can Expect

Your website should serve your customer first - which will in turn serve you better. You will gain clarity and purpose with our approach to site design and function. Your new or rejuvenated website will be unique, accessible, and offer your customer the best user experience.

Why Choose Us

We’re not just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. We start with data, so we can make data-driven decisions first. We include 90 days of website maintenance and monitoring. We know it’s doing what it needs to do, which means you can focus on the work you love.

Choose Your Adventure.

Having a website doesn’t mean your customers will magically find you online. 

Whether you’re just getting started with a new website, or you’ve had one for a while, we want to help you shine through the noise online.

The world is your oyster, and the options feel endless. Let us help you narrow down your best choices.

Shift to a user-centered website design. Make it as accessible and inclusive as possible, and we all win. 

Try It Yourself

We think everyone deserves to have a findable, functional website.

Use our Spotlight Test to assess your own website, and receive your customized results!

Bright Webs Design operates in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. The Treaties of Peace & Friendship that cover this territory did not include giving up land title or other rights, including the right to hunt and fish their lands and establish trade. We thank these First Peoples who continue to live on these lands and care for them, and whose relationship to these lands existed long before the founding of Canada or Nova Scotia. We are all treaty people. Find out where you live.

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