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We help your website shine through the noise.

What We Do

Just having a website isn’t enough. We help your website shine through the noise online.

Universal Design

Accessible, inclusive websites are not just a social responsibility, but also smarter. We make the internet a better place for all its users, one female-founded business at a time.

Websites that Shine

Having a website doesn’t mean your customers will magically find you online. Our Website Rejuvenation will clean up, clarify, and make your existing website shine.

About Us

Bright Webs Design offers functional, findable websites for female entrepreneurs.


We want to reset the industry standard in providing unique, sustainable web design services that improve your findability and online presence.

Steph Sedgwick, Founder of Bright Webs Design

Why Choose Us?

Our clients trust us to take care of their websites, with no baloney or bro-lingo.

Bright Webs Design creates user-centered websites that are well crafted and properly optimized for SEO. Our clients are female founders and entrepreneurs who have persevered through several iterations of their websites, and never been entirely happy with the results.

When your website is well-organized and designed with your user in mind, it’ll be easier to find AND use. We want to help you invest in a website presence that isn’t a waste of your time and resources, but that will benefit your business and customers.

We’re doing away with the baloney and the lingo, and we offer female founders a caring, holistic approach to your web presence.

Need a new website? Already got one?

Connect with us. We’ll have an introductory strategy call and see if we’re a good fit for each other. 

Case Study

Kathy Whitewood, REALTOR®

Recent work.

In the fall of 2021, Kathy knew her website had become slow and didn’t reflect her current brand. She says, “It was exactly the same as I left it 3 years ago, felt and looked no different that any other real estate agent site. Boring, too busy and very slow.” Because she often felt embarrassed about her website she often referred her clients to her office’s main website, rather than try to navigate her own.

Three months after we completed her website rejuvenation, her website consistently loads super fast and the number of new visitors has gone up 168%.


Recent testimonials

I LOVE the speed with which my website could be "fixed". Most companies told me that I had to rebuild my entire website, it would be triple the cost, and take months. I was thrilled that Stephanie could improve and enhance both the functionality and design of my website in 21 days. [...] My favourite result is the ease with which you can navigate the website.

Andrea Donais ~

Donais Studios

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