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Steph Sedgwick is a web designer specializing in accessible WordPress websites and onsite SEO for small to medium businesses. She's on a mission to help 500 female entrepreneurs have amazing websites that are usable by all people, while helping small charities with their own online presence.

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I love what I do. Whether you’re a startup, a charity, or a tried-and-true business looking for an efficient way to deal with their website, I can take all your online bits and pieces and put them together into a cohesive design that makes sense for you AND your users.

Owner / Creative

Steph Sedgwick

I started brightwebs as my freelance business in 2015, and decided to make it my big mission in 2021. As co-owner of a small renewable energy service business for many years, I have an innate understanding of the importance of branding and vision in both graphic and web design. I use my sense of design and a desire for innovation to create simple, dynamic websites that are responsive and clean. I try to keep accessibility for all users in mind with my designs.

As a dedicated volunteer, I see a true need within the nonprofit sector for up-to-date and easily managed websites. Nonprofits and charities often struggle with their online visibility, and I want to provide an easier platform with available support for those groups.

Why Work With Me?

Prompt & Reliable.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the need to be flexible while still being prompt and reliable. I will do my best to coordinate with your timetable and schedule.

Support & Training.

Sustainability is key. Training and support is available anytime. Monthly support, one-on-one tutorials, or purchase “buckets” of hours to be used towards your maintenance and updates.

Expert Advice.

E-commerce? Membership directory? Online bookmark? I’ll help assess what you need and recommend a design and platform that fits YOU and your business or charity.


What Can I Build For You?

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