Steph Sedgwick

Founder & Web Accessibility Advocate

Who We are

Over more than 11 years in the industry, Steph has learned that accessible, inclusive websites are not just a social responsibility but also a smart choice for the entire internet. Steph continually seeks new ways to make the internet a better experience for users of all abilities, and ways to empower all businesses to have a powerful online presence.

Of all the websites out there, only 2% are considered accessible-friendly. Good design is good for everyone, and it’s time for your website to be the amazing sales generation tool it was intended to be.

Bright Webs Design believes that accessible website designs are the only way to take the internet onto a path of true kindness, empathy, and service to others. The beautiful thing is that your user-centered website is not only accessible to more visitors, but it is also more easily understood by search engines.

A great website puts a virtual face to your brand’s name, and helps people decide whether they want to work with you. Bright Webs Design makes your website shine through the noise online with a well designed, clean, and accessible experience that any user can enjoy. 

Our Mission

Good design is good for everyone. We are making the internet a better place for all its users by empowering female entrepreneurs to have functional, findable websites.

Core Values


Web accessibility means that websites, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them. The beautiful thing is that designing for Accessibility also enhances your brand, drives innovation, and extends your market reach.


In today’s world, we all crave genuine, authentic connection. Those connections cannot happen without genuine caring: for each other, for our actions, and for our planet.


We are committed to our mission and to making the internet a better place for all its users. We won’t try to sell you on anything we don’t genuinely believe will be of value to YOU and your business.


We believe relationships of mutual trust are critical to mutual success. We work with clients to achieve that level of mutual trust so that we can all succeed.

"Steph is so approachable and she not knows all there is to know about web design, she goes the distance to understand your business and where you need it to be. I've never had such a great experience before, especially in an area I know so little about; I didn't feel taken over, I felt taken care of. "
Kathy Whitewood
Kathy Whitewood REALTOR®

Our History

I started designing websites in 2010. I had a lot of practice with my first company’s website, a business run with my spouse. Over the years I kept creating and managing new sites, and my experience grew. I became fascinated with the balance between web developer and designer, and how to find the right mix of functionality and features for specific client needs. Bright Webs Design officially launched in 2015, but at that time we were creating websites that were, quite frankly, not that different from everybody else’s.

Within a year or two I began to realize that “fast and light” outperform “glamorous” every single time, and I started focusing on providing the lightest-weight, best-coded sites possible. I also started getting curious about the role of accessibility in web design. Then in 2019 I attended a webinar led by a blind web designer in London, and it blew apart any remaining “visual design” assumptions I carried. I continue to learn and expand my understanding and my work with web accessibility.

In 2021, Bright Webs Design relaunched as a web design agency and web accessibility advocate. We intend to reset the industry standard for findable, functional websites for female founders.

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Be a part of the shift, and help make the internet a better place for everyone.

Loving My Community

A small sample of the local nonprofit organizations that I am happy to support.

Christmas Angels

Supporting local families.

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West Hants Historical Society

A wealth of history and genealogy.

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100 Who Care Giving Group

Better & Bigger Giving.

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9-Lives Cat Rescue

Trap/Neuter/Release group.

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