Why Include a Land Acknowledgment on Your Website

On April 14 we added a land acknowledgment to our Bright Webs Design website. This has been on our minds for several reasons, and after we’d written our own we wanted to share it publicly. We also want to share with you a bit of our own journey in learning about Canada’s relationship with Indigenous

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User-centered Design and Your Website

Who is your website FOR? (Hint: It’s not for you.) Your website should be for your CUSTOMERS, not for YOU.
Read that again. When your website is for your customers, it’s designed to provide a better experience For. Your. Customers. Sounds logical, right? But it’s not the way many websites are actually designed. In fact, most websites look good at first glance, but aren’t particularly usable.

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How to Create a Multilingual Website

Having a multilingual website means your website is available in more than one language. This is another aspect of Web Accessibility we love talking about here. There are two considerations: do you want your website back end to be in a language other than English? Or do you want to have your website served to your viewer in their preferred language?

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The delicate art of self-employment during a global pandemic

Six tips to help entrepreneurs from an experienced work-from-home mum. With the novel global coronavirus pandemic that began to unfold early this year, you don’t need me to tell you that pretty much everything we thought we knew has been turned on its head. Everyone is stressed, overwhelmed, and several are having trouble coping with the “new normal” – for however long that new normal lasts. For many, working from home on top of all the new stressors is the ultimate challenge.

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Web design

speed testing for wordpress websites

Sometimes as a web designer, you set up a website based on certain specs and needs and then whoa! Within a very short time, you realize the business has already evolved way beyond what your initial vision imagined and your specs are suddenly much, much different. And the website that was all shiny and new and fun just a short time ago is laggy, getting laggier, and (as its designer) downright embarrassing.

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