Hey. My name is Steph Sedgwick, and I'm a web designer specializing in user-friendly, accessible websites and onsite SEO for female-owned small to medium businesses. I'm on a mission to help 500 female entrepreneurs have amazing, functional websites so they don't get lost in the internet.

User-centered Design and Your Website

Who is your website FOR? (Hint: It’s not for you.) Your website should be for your CUSTOMERS, not for YOU.
Read that again. When your website is for your customers, it’s designed to provide a better experience For. Your. Customers. Sounds logical, right? But it’s not the way many websites are actually designed. In fact, most websites look good at first glance, but aren’t particularly usable.

Donais Studios

CLIENT: Donais Studios DATE: November 2021 PLATFORM: WordPress URL: Donais Studios is a collaborative arts studio in the historic district of Newmarket, Ontario that is reimagining the way arts education looks and feels. They offer transformative arts education experiences for youth, adults, and families of all ages and levels of experience. They help students …

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The Perimenopausal Mamas Podcast

CLIENT: The Perimenopausal Mamas Podcast DATE: March 2021 PLATFORM: WordPress URL: The Perimenopausal Mamas Podcast is a weekly podcast by two Canadian naturopaths that helps perimenopausal moms raise healthy kids and navigate the bumpy road of unpredictable hormonal changes that can interfere with mood, energy, weight, sleep, focus and vitality. One year had passed …

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How to Create a Multilingual Website

Having a multilingual website means your website is available in more than one language. This is another aspect of Web Accessibility we love talking about here. There are two considerations: do you want your website back end to be in a language other than English? Or do you want to have your website served to your viewer in their preferred language?

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