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Font Carefully: How to Choose Fonts for Your Website

By brightwebber

“You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your font family.” – Wix writer Choosing your font (or font family) for your website can actually be a bit daunting. Or maybe you went with whatever site builder you’re using had set as a default, and didn’t consider its impact or whether that choice is …

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It’s All About the Blend

By brightwebber

Utopia: Work-Life Balance. It sounds nice, doesn

How to encourage creativity

By brightwebber

Just as art is in the eye of the beholder,

Traditional office or coworking?

By brightwebber

The traditional work environment is quickly changing. Coworking seems to the new “thing”, and businesses are now offering coworking spaces for entrepreneurs and remote workers. Even as a work-from-home entrepreneur, there are some obvious benefits that apply with coworking.

How important is it to be creative?

By brightwebber

Creativity is a starting point, not an end goal.

The best creative tools to use

By brightwebber

Freelancers are most often one person businesses, which means they

Design Basics: Always carry a notebook

By brightwebber

The designer needs to be a sponge for information and needs to be able to explore, analyse and categorise as frequently as possible.

Ask good questions and get better answers

By brightwebber

Ask better questions to get better answers. Some advice for freelancers and other interviewers to figure out what their clients really WANT. Source: Chris How on

Work to live, don’t live to work

By brightwebber

Only you control your work-life balance, so decide how you will react to things, and know that only you can set your boundaries. Take charge of your life again.

8 Tips to Non-Profit Website Design That Engages Donors and Volunteers

By brightwebber

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