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Owner, Recovered Treasures Furniture Restoration

Maureen Perry

"Before meeting Steph, we had a website that was okay but not spectacular. We’re a small team providing specialized services, so I don’t have the time to manage it myself. Having it was actually more of a chore than anything else, and honestly I felt that we weren’t a priority for the company we were paying to manage. That company couldn’t identify our website traffic sources, our so-called “leads” were inaccurate, and so we had no way to verify that the website was even worth having. For every 10 inquiries, we might get one conversion to an actual sale but only after lots of time spent back and forth on each one. Now our conversions are more like 1 in 5 or higher. I can rely on Steph and her expertise to handle any questions I have. We get tons of great feedback from everyone who sees the site, and our clients love its professional look. Now I think our website is so great that we are busier than ever!"

Recovered Treasures
Owner, Resilient Barn / Dig It! Naturals

Tarah Gibbon

"Steph! Thank you so much for creating an amazing new website for my small (and growing!) business! I really enjoyed working with you, you made the process easy by walking me through everything along the way. From creating a new logo, to designing the site, and helping with the writing, I appreciated your insights and how deeply you understood my unique business. Thank you!"

Owner, Fitness Junkies NS

Kathy Johnston

“Steph is simply incredible. From her amazing listening skills, to her creativeness, and then her follow through, I have been amazed at every step of the way. I am so very proud of my new website and it’s all because of Brightwebs. It’s the only business I’d recommend!!!”

Owner, 14 Bells Fine Art Gallery

Cheryl Bell

“Stephanie at Bright Webs was a lifesaver. She took my jumbled thoughts and wishes and turned them into a professional, accessible, successful website. Her high standards and attention to detail put me at ease. She has kept herself available as the business has grown and held my hand over all the bumps. Thank you Stephanie!” 

Owner, Four Storey Design

Jenn Klein-Shaw

“Stephanie from Bright Webs is a talented business professional with a creative mind. She helped to guide my start up business website design and logo creation. It is rare to find this level of creative talent combined with the business savvy she can offer. Prices were more than reasonable for the services provided and I felt assured and confident that she would see the project carried out to the very end. Thank-you Bright Webs for taking the stress out of the "back of house" aspects required to start up a business and for delivering such a high quality product with a professional image!”

VP, Hants County Christmas Angels Society

Bonnie Smith

“Amazing work. Designs are custom made to complement and promote your business or charity.” 


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