What Can I Build For You?

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The best websites are designed with your user in mind - NOT the visual design. User-centric design is key. After all, if users can use a feature, it might as well not exist. Sustainability, usability and utility should be your primary concerns, not just what you think it should "look" like.

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Your organization changes over time. The internet changes over time. Search engine algorithms change ALL the time. Your website needs to evolve as well to keep up. I can show you how to manage it, or I can manage it for you, with a variety of options to choose from to make it easy for YOU.

Search engine optimization is keywords, original content, speed, navigation, and more. Like everything else, it needs to evolve too - you don't just do it once and then forget about it. Your website should be reviewed at least once per year for SEO purposes - I offer several maintenance packages that can help.

Website getting slow and laggy? Sometimes you can review and clean up your databases and content. Sometimes you're on a cheap shared hosting that can no longer handle your needs. Migrating to a new host can be a good solution, as long as it's done correctly.

Copyediting is more than just proofreading. If you're not rock solid in your content, I can provide additional copyediting services to help hone your written content. Note that I provide general proofreading services with my standard offerings, but copyediting is more time intensive.

Have the time and want to manage your website yourself? No problem. I can offer customized training and tutorials so you can maintain the basics, with a variety of packages available to suit you.

Website Design.

In these mobile digital days, just having a "pretty" website isn't enough. Accessibility, sustainability, and usability are key factors to a successful - and truly great - website.

Whether your best fit is a static, Evergreen website that doesn't need to change often, or an e-commerce or membership site that needs to offer lots of engaging dynamic content, your website must be designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind.

Most of us don't often think about websites and sustainability in the same sentence. But guess what? Sustainability isn’t just about renewables. The internet uses a TON of energy, and every new feature-rich website increases that consumption.

Efficient web design means speed, which benefits everyone. Our web hosting packages use Siteground, which offers a 100% Renewable Energy match to maintain a commitment to carbon neutrality. Our web designs are fast and efficient, so they need less space on those hosting servers.


Website and graphic design often go hand-in-hand. I can help you make sure your brand is represented consistently and strategically online. Brand identity, sustainable design, support and training are all key pieces to the customized services I offer.

  • WordPress.
  • SquareSpace.
  • Shopify.
  • Wix / Weebly / Other Platforms.

What Can I Build For You?

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