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Wednesday Website Webinar


Next up: July 27

Topic: Website Metrics That Don’t Suck (Your Time & Energy)
Starts at 11am Atlantic Time

The website metrics you REALLY ACTUALLY need to know, why you need them, and how to get them.

There’s no such thing as a free website. Your business website is an investment. Whether you paid somebody to build it or you DIY’d it, you pay Every.Single.Year. for the space your website takes up online. You might even pay for email, or a bunch of add-ons too. And for what, exactly? Do you know if it’s working for you?
For nearly any other investment, we expect to see our ROI (return on investment). We expect to see performance. We want to know whether our investment value is holding, and see just how it’s benefiting us. But when it comes to our websites, many of us throw our money at a designer, cross our fingers, and hope for the best.

Enter website metrics.

Website metrics should be your favourite numbers. They’re the only thing that will tell you how well your website is working – or not. I hear from a lot of female founders who know they should know what their metrics are, but they don’t. Why?
  • Because it’s confusing.
  • Because their web designer told them to set up Google Analytics but didn’t show them how.
  • Because they set up Google Analytics and it’s like trying to pick a Netflix show – except every option is in a different language.
  • Because it’s just one more “I should know how to do this but it’ll take too much time to figure it out” thing.

Well, there might be an easier way.

Join us July 20 at 11am (Atlantic) for a quick, 35-minute webinar where we’ll go over:

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